Can i buy this wholesale?

Anyone who knows me well enough, often refer to me as Alan Sugar or Del Boy! For as long as i can remember i have been quite resourceful and always had an idea on the go, how i’m not a millionaire yet is bloody beyond me!

I remember charging my Brother £4.00 for ironing his jeans when i was about 13, not bad for about 10 mins work (even better when i once realised i had ‘ironed’ his jeans without switching it on….by mistake of course) but i still handed them over, took the money and ran haha! Maybe my calling is baliff or debt collector…..?

Ever since i can remember, i have been interested in Business and making money. I’ve never been particularly good at it, but i have this major habit of now, eyeing up anything and everything and asking myself, can i buy this wholesale? How cheap can i get my hands on some of those? Can i sell this? I’ve had my hands on everything from baby football strips to lacey knickers, but still, i’m trying to find the niche product!

My latest interest is things i can make myself, i think this is partly the maternal instinct in me, babytwoshoes is due in 6 weeks time and i can already vision him ending up in some disaster i thought was good at the time! I impulse bought 40 battery operated candles for my latest project and some battery l.e.d lights, they are currently in a box in the spare room and i keep walking past them and telling myself they were a good buy…..of course they were!!

I was discussing with a fellow business lover a few weeks back about how i think of a ‘good’ idea, i spend hours researching the idea, convince myself that this really is ‘the one’ and then totally back track, think of all the reasons why it can’t possibly work and talk myself out of it. Fellow business friend, laughed and nodded and said she too was exactly the same, we put it down to us both being over cautious, over analysing Capricorns! I annoy myself!

I’ve been reading alot of Mummy blogs at the minute, those of you who work for yourself, please give me some inspiration and words of encouragement. I desperately don’t want to go back to work if i can help it and i have 6 months to achieve this.

I’m interested in so many things, i feel i will hit 45 (i’m not even 30 yet) and i still won’t know what i want to be when ‘i grow up’

Don’t know about Alan Sugar, i’m more like Step Toe!…………


The Power of Friendship…

I love my friends, maybe this is a little sentimental and emotional blogging going on here but genuinely, my friends are all in my life for a reason, and i like to think from time to time how we became friends and why they’re in my life….

Childhood Friends – We usually have at least one friend that we’ve ‘grown’ up with, we probably met in Nursery, shared trikes, skipped together, laughed together, cried together, fashion disastered together and we will enter mummydom, middle-life-crisisdom and pensionerdom together (or so we hope). I have one friend in particular that once under the influence we tell anyone that crosses our path that we have know eachother for 25 years! We are proud to have come through so many years together and we never get bored of revisiting old stories (think of Uncle Albert – Only Fools and Horses – “During the waaar”) and laughing uncontrollably til our ribs hurt about the same old things………this is the power of friendship!







Work Friends – These people are the people we spend most hours in the week with, even sometimes socialise with. If you find people who you can work with, aswell as share parts of your personal life with, then you’re onto a winner in my book! I’ve been lucky to work with people so far who share my bizarre and sometimes warped sense of humour, i love testing the water with new people and seeing if they ‘get me’ and either bursting into fits of laughter or covering it up with something totally different hoping they don’t share with anyone how strange i actually am haha!

Friends of Friends – You know when you’ve got seperate friends, but you just know, that if they met, they wold love eachother too? I have some brilliant friends who i’ve met through other people and introduced friends that are now firm friends too and i get some kind of little cupid love like satisfaction from this happening! Maybe i should be a matchmaker, i’ve never introduced friends who have fallen in love, but this is on my life agenda to happen….. *Top table for Mizmummytwoshoes as she chinks her champagne glass*

Facebook Friends – This is a hot topic, “How many friends have you got?” “Why did i have 520 friends yesterday and today i have 517?” “Who deleted me?” It’s become acceptable to keep friends on your facebook list who you have no interest in ever meeting again, you don’t have them in your mobile phone and you don’t even know which street they live on. However, you DO know, their dog died last week, they had 3 shits this morning (them not the dog) and their baby’s favourite headband is the pink one with the gingham bow! Why?!? Because it’s an obession and we just love it!!!! I am the first to admit, i have these kinds of people on my list and they amuse me daily, i shalt not delete them…..EVER!!!!

There are some people in life, you just click with. I’ve never been one of those people who hated someone to start with and then ended up firm friends. I like to think i’m a pretty good judge of character and i know almost immediately, if this person will remain in my life. (This is sounding very medieval now….*In snooty voice……”i don’t like her, be off with her head!”) I’d love to know what my friend’s first thoughts were of me, probably, crazed weirdo who should be avoided at all costs, but i think i’m quite loveable 🙂

The power of friendship……It’s a wonderful thing!

Soooooo, here i am…..

I’ve been wanting to blog for a long long time, after recently joining the tweeting world, I’ve been introduced to and had the privilege of reading lots of Mummy blogs which have inspired me to finally put pen to paper………..okay, finger to keyboard but here i am with what’s probably known as Writer’s Block!

I’ve thought and over thought what i want to say in my first post, I’ve often wondered who will read it, if anyone, I could be sat typing to myself, (I often laugh at my own jokes, to myself) so typing to myself doesn’t seem THAT crazy! I want it to be all the things I think I am, hilarious, genuine, honest and down right opinionated!

I’m currently awaiting to start my Maternity leave in 2 weeks time, jeeeeeeez I can’t wait. People keep telling me, “the real hard work hasn’t started yet”…… sod off, who can beat a brew and Jezza in the morning?  Let’s forget the small matter of a new-born baby, he’s going to sleep aaaaaaaaaaaall day in his little Moses basket waking up for feeds between programmes………haha! Who am i kidding?!

Sleep anyone???? :/