Getting Back on the Blogging Horse

I’ve only blogged a few times in so many months but it really is something that I love to do and have the need to do. I LOVE to write, I just need to write more than I do.

I am officially standing in front of my chair with a circle of other people (in my head obviously!) and I am admitting for the first time,

My name is Mizmummytwoshoes and I am a bad blogger!

There, I said it. now I have admitted it, I NEED to do something about it.

Look out for a revamp over the next few weeks, I will also be getting involved in Silent Sunday posts (it is completely shocking that i have never done one of these, even though i also LOVE to take pictures), i will be putting together a Listography (Tweeps will be linked) and i am completely and totally excited that i will be guest posting over at ScribblingMum VERY SOON!

Bloggers and Blogettes